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birthers circle

What happens when a group of midwives (traditional and nurse ), childbirth educators, doulas, physical therapists, chiropractors, lactation consultants, baby wearers, counselors and other women who support and care for women before, during, and after pregnancy join forces? MOTHERS BABIES N’AT (we ARE in Pittsburgh, so the name was a natural!). This group of professionals discovered each other, and felt that if we did not know about each other, that YOU, the community, likely would not be aware of the many services available to women in the Western Pennsylvania community. We are here for the women (and their families) of the area who are considering pregnancy, are pregnant, or have delivered, with a common goal to answer questions, share information about the many services available, and to assist you to have the best pregnancy, labor and delivery, and post- partum time possible. We work with all women, whether planning a home delivery, a hospital or midwife center birth, or simply not sure of your plans and options.

We are professionals who are able to support you through all stages of your life and pregnancy, and to help you to care for yourself as you care for your family. Our mothers, grandmothers, and best friends have experience in child rearing, but might not be the best people to turn to with questions about where (and how!) to deliver your child. Nursing not going as easily as you thought that it should and not sure where to turn for a lactation specialist? Having back pain or pelvic ring pain (consult with one of the physical therapists or chiropractors in the group), or that baby carrier that you were given as a gift simply does not seem to fit (did you know that there are certified and trained baby wearing consultants!)? Concerned about returning to exercise safely, or that your “baby belly” and diastasis are not shrinking as quickly as the magazines indicate they “should” (physical therapy can help)? We have professionals in our group to assist you if you are concerned about baby blues, or adjusting to having an addition to your family. Ready to return to yoga, but want to take your baby with you? Our group includes prenatal yoga and postpartum yoga certified instructors. The descriptions above are just a few examples of the services that this group has to offer. Having a baby is a wonderful time in your life, and we are here to support you, answer questions, lead classes, and work with your other healthcare providers to help you have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, baby, and family.

Everyone in this group comes to it out of a love for what we do: caring for women and their families, and a desire to share information about the services available. You will find a variety of professionals listed on our directory on this website, and it may be a little confusing…who does what? Just ask us, and we can give direction. In addition to our website, we have a Facebook page for articles and education (“like”us and share with your friends!) and although we are not selling, we do allow our members to post classes and “deals” on Mondays, so in addition to looking at their webpages, watch on Mondays for deals!

The women of MOTHERS BABIES N’AT are happy that you have discovered this site, and we will do our best to answer your questions and assist you in your journey towards and during motherhood. Please let us know if there are topics that you would like to see us discuss on this site, and contact us with any questions; we will do our best to help you find answers.